Country Code of Bangladesh - প্রিয়তথ্য.কম

Country Code of Bangladesh

The country code of Bangladesh is +880.

The country code of Bangladesh is 880. The first two digits of this code are reserved for the continent and the second two digits are reserved for the country. Bangladesh is located in Asia and its country code is derived from its geographical location.

Bangladesh Dialing Code – Bangladeshi Country Code – Telephone Area Codes in Bangladesh

What Country Code is 880?

The 880 country code belongs to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country located in southern Asia. The 880 country code is used when dialing into Bangladesh from another country.

When calling a Bangladeshi phone number from within the country, you do not need to use the 880 country code.

What is the Country Code And Phone Numbers of Bangladesh?

The country code for Bangladesh is +880. The phone numbers in Bangladesh have 8 digits, and are typically written as XXXXX-XXXX.

What is the Full Number of Bangladesh?

The full number of Bangladesh is 880. This number is made up of the country’s area code and its phone number. The country code for Bangladesh is +880 and the phone number is 2.

When calling from another country, you would dial +880 2 xxx xxxx, where xxx xxxx is the local eight-digit phone number.

How Do I Call Bangladesh from Usa?

There are a few different ways that you can call Bangladesh from the USA. One way is to use a prepaid calling card. These cards can be purchased at most convenience stores, drug stores, and even some grocery stores.

Just scratch off the back of the card to reveal your PIN number, and then dial the appropriate access number for your location. When prompted, enter the PIN number and then the country code for Bangladesh (880), followed by the area code and phone number you wish to reach. Another option is to sign up for an international calling plan through your cellphone carrier or home phone provider.

This will likely be more expensive than using a calling card, but it may be more convenient if you make frequent calls to Bangladesh. Most major carriers offer some sort of international calling plan, so just check with yours to see what options are available. Finally, you can also use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service like Skype or Vonage to make calls to Bangladesh.

With these services, you simply need an internet connection and can place calls through your computer or mobile device without incurring any long distance charges.

Country Code of Bangladesh


Bangladesh Country Code 2 Letter

The Bangladesh country code is 2 letters long and made up of the letters BD. When calling Bangladesh from another country, you will need to dial +880, followed by the 2-letter country code and then the 6 to 8 digit phone number.

Bangladesh Phone Number Example

If you’re trying to call a phone number in Bangladesh, you’ll need to use the country code +880. For example, if you’re trying to reach the emergency services in Bangladesh, you would dial 999. The full list of Bangladesh country codes is as follows:

+880 – general enquiries 999 – emergency services

All Country Code

The country code is the national prefix used to designate the country of origin of a call. It is a numeric code that must be dialed before the telephone number when making an international call. The country code is assigned by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

When making a call from one country to another, the country code must be entered followed by the area or city code and then the local phone number. For example, to call someone in London from New York, you would dial 011 44 20 xxxx xxxx. The first three digits (011) are the exit code for North America; 44 is England’s country code; 20 is London’s area/city code; and xxxx xxxx is the local 8-digit phone number.

There are many different types of codes used to route calls internationally, but most countries use geographic codes consisting of two or three digits. There are also other types of codes such as non-geographic codes (used for mobile networks or premium-rate services) and special services codes (used for things like directory assistance).


The country code for Bangladesh is +880. The first two digits of the country code are always “+1”, which is the exit code for North America. The next three digits are the country code itself.

The last four digits are the area codes for each city or region within a country.

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