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Where to Get Footprint Charts: Top Sources Revealed

Where to Get Footprint Charts

Looking for footprint charts to assist in your trading decisions? Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you find and use the best platforms and resources for footprint charts.

Where to Get Footprint Charts: Top Sources Revealed

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Understanding Footprint Charts

Footprint charts display the volume at each price level helping traders identify potential support and resistance areas. These charts are essential for order flow analysis and can provide valuable insights for making informed trading decisions.

How to Read Footprint Charts

Initially, interpreting footprint charts may seem challenging, but with consistent practice, understanding the data they present becomes easier. Typically, footprint charts consist of vertical bars representing various price levels.

Where to Find Footprint Charts

You can access footprint charts through various platforms and brokerage services:


MarketDelta offers trading and charting software and is known for inventing the Footprint® Chart. This platform is ideal for traders looking to execute better trades based on insightful chart data.

Optimus Flow Trading Platform

TradingView may not currently offer Footprint charts, but traders can still gain access to them through the Optimus Flow trading platform.


ClusterDelta provides custom indicators for MetaTrader, including Footprint charts that display the sum of traded volumes at specific prices over a certain period.

Community Discussions and Recommendations

Community forums such as Reddit and various trading-related platforms provide valuable discussions and recommendations regarding footprint charts and where to find them.

Gocharting Complete Trading Guide

GoCharting offers a complete guide covering everything traders need to know about footprint charts, helping them master the art of trading successfully.

Where to Get Footprint Charts: Top Sources Revealed

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Are Footprint Charts Worth It?

For traders seeking to enhance their trading strategies, footprint charts and order flow analysis can be highly beneficial. Despite the initial learning curve, the insights gained from footprint charts can potentially lead to better trading outcomes.

In Conclusion

As a trader, gaining access to footprint charts can significantly improve your understanding of market behavior and support better decision-making. Whether through specialized platforms or community recommendations, leveraging footprint charts can greatly enhance your trading experience.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Where To Get Footprint Charts: Top Sources Revealed

How Do You Find Footprint Charts?

To find footprint charts, there are several options available. One way is to use trading and charting software platforms like MarketDelta or Optimus Flow. You can also explore websites like GoCharting or ClusterDelta, which provide resources and indicators for footprint charts.

Unfortunately, TradingView currently does not offer footprint charts. It’s essential to practice reading and interpreting footprint charts to understand the data they provide accurately.

Which Broker Provides Footprint Charts?

MarketDelta is a leading broker offering Footprint charts to help traders improve their execution and analysis.

Can I Get Footprint Charts On Tradingview?

Yes, you can access Footprint charts on the Optimus Flow trading platform instead of TradingView.

Are Footprint Charts Worth It?

Yes, footprint charts are worth it as they provide valuable information for traders to analyze order flow and make informed trading decisions. Reading footprint charts may seem difficult at first, but with practice, it becomes easier to interpret the data they provide.

Traders can access footprint charts through trading platforms like MarketDelta or Optimus Flow. Mastering the art of trading with footprint charts can lead to successful trading outcomes.

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