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Sidharth Malhotra Father Pics: Exclusive Peek Into His Family Album.

Sidharth malhotra shared a rare picture of his father on his instagram account. The actor chose to honour his dad on his birthday and posted the picture to his 10.9 million followers.

On 3rd october, the bollywood star took to his instagram to celebrate his father’s birthday, sharing a black-and-white image of his dad. The picture shows his father dressed up in a suit and tie while standing against a wall. Sidharth captioned the post, ” happy birthday to the guy who only and only gave me ‘alpha genes’ still don’t have my dimples but is my guiding light my superhero #happybirthdaydad.

” The post has received more than 300k likes, with fans and fellow actors pouring out their wishes to sidharth’s father.

Sidharth Malhotra Father Pics: Exclusive Peek Into His Family Album.


Frequently Asked Questions For Sidharth Malhotra Father Pics

Who Is Sidharth Malhotra’S Father?

Sidharth malhotra’s father is sunil malhotra, a retired indian navy personnel.

Are There Any Recent Pictures Of Sidharth Malhotra With His Father?

Yes, there are recent pictures of sidharth malhotra with his father. The actor often shares pictures with his family on social media handles.

What Is The Profession Of Sidharth Malhotra’S Father?

Sidharth malhotra’s father, sunil malhotra, is a former indian navy personnel and a doctor.

Has Sidharth Malhotra’S Father Ever Appeared In Any Films?

No, sidharth malhotra’s father has not appeared in any films. He has no inclination towards acting and prefers to lead a simple life.

Does Sidharth Malhotra Follow A Particular Fitness Regime Like His Father?

Yes, sidharth malhotra follows a strict fitness regime and trains regularly. While his father, sunil malhotra, is a fitness enthusiast, who encourages his son to stay fit.


Sidharth malhotra is a rising bollywood star. Due to his charming personality and stylish looks, people are always curious about his personal life. Recently, his father’s pictures went viral on social media, showing a happy family enjoying themselves. Seeing such a delightful family portrait of sidharth malhotra’s family has made fans feel even more connected with their favorite actor.

Knowing that he has a strong bond with his loved ones can make his fans feel happy for him, and perhaps it’s what endears him to many people. Sidharth’s father’s pictures show us how family and togetherness play an essential role in any person’s happiness and success.

It’s always inspiring to see a celebrity like sidharth malhotra so grounded in reality and appreciating his loved ones. It reinforces the idea that no matter how much fame or money one can acquire, family always comes first.

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