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Best Online Jobs for Students in Kenya

Kenya Online Jobs for Students: There are many online jobs for students in Kenya. Most of these jobs involve data entry, customer service, or telemarketing. There are also online tutoring and research positions available.

The pay for these jobs is usually low, but they can be a great way to earn extra money while attending school.

10 Online Jobs in Kenya That Pay Through Mpesa In 2022.

Kenya Online Jobs for Students Finding online jobs in Kenya can be a tough task, especially if you’re a student. Most online job sites cater to people with experience and established careers.

However, there are still plenty of opportunities out there for students who are willing to look for them. Here are some tips on how to find online jobs in Kenya as a student: 1. Use job search engines.

There are many job search engines that allow you to filter results by location, so be sure to include “Kenya” in your searches. Some good options include Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. 2. Check out virtual assistant job boards.

Virtual assistants provide administrative support to clients from all over the world, so they can often be a great option for students looking for online work. Try searching on Upwork or FreeeUp to find virtual assistant gigs in Kenya. 3. Browse freelance writing job boards.

If you have strong writing skills, consider pursuing freelance writing work! You can often find writing jobs posted on general freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, or more specific ones like Problogger and Freelance Writing Gigs. 4. Look for social media marketing jobs .

Many businesses need help with their social media presence, so this can be a great area to focus on if you’re interested in online marketing work . Try searching on Indeed or LinkedIn for social media marketing jobs in Kenya .

Online Jobs for Students in Kenya That Pay Through Mpesa

Finding online jobs for students in Kenya can be a challenge. There are many websites that claim to offer online jobs, but many of them are scams. This is why it is important to do your research before you sign up for any online job.

One website that is legitimate and offers online jobs for students in Kenya is called iWorker. iWorker offers a variety of online jobs that pay through Mpesa, which is a popular mobile payment service in Kenya. You can find jobs such as data entry, customer service, and telemarketing on iWorker.

Another website that offers legitimate online jobs for students in Kenya is called Upwork. Upwork is a freelancing platform where you can find work from clients all over the world. There are many different types of jobs available on Upwork, including writing, marketing, and web development.

If you are looking for an online job that pays through Mpesa, there are several options available to you. By doing your research and choosing a reputable website, you can find an online job that suits your skills and needs.

Online Jobs for Students Work from Home

Are you a student looking for a way to make some extra money? Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to make some money during your summer break. Either way, working from home is a great option!

There are tons of online jobs for students work from home. You can find work as a virtual assistant, customer service representative, data entry specialist, and more. And the best part is, you can usually set your own hours!

So if you need to study or have other commitments during the day, you can work at night or on the weekends. Here are some tips for finding online jobs for students work from home: 1. Check out job boards like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

These websites connect freelancers with businesses who need help with short-term or one-time projects. 2. Search Google for “online jobs for students” or “work from home jobs for students.” This will bring up lots of different websites and job listings that you can browse through.

3. Ask your friends if they know of any businesses who might be hiring remote workers. Sometimes it helps to know someone who can put in a good word for you! 4. Finally, don’t forget to check out college job boards and career websites like Indeed and LinkedIn .

Free Online Jobs for Students

There are a lot of great reasons for students to look for online jobs. For one, online jobs offer flexible hours that can work around a student’s class schedule. Additionally, many online jobs can be done from anywhere with an internet connection, which is ideal for students who may not have access to traditional on-campus employment.

Here are some popular online jobs for students: 1. Social media manager: Do you have a knack for promoting products and services on social media? Many businesses are looking for individuals to help manage their social media accounts and create engaging content.

As a social media manager, you could earn $10-$15 per hour managing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. 2. Online tutor: Are you a whiz in math or English? You can use your knowledge to help students all over the world by becoming an online tutor!

There are many websites that connect tutors with students in need of extra help. Tutoring sessions are usually conducted via Skype or another video chat service and pay rates vary depending on the subject matter being taught and the length of the session. 3. Virtual assistant: A virtual assistant provides administrative support to businesses and entrepreneurs from home.

Duties may include scheduling appointments, responding to emails, data entry, preparing reports, or general customer service tasks.

Safaricom Online Jobs for Students

Safaricom online jobs for students is an online platform that enables students to find and apply for jobs while they are still studying. The platform also provides a way for employers to connect with potential employees. Safaricom online jobs for students is a free service provided by the mobile operator Safaricom.

The platform was launched in 2015 in response to the high unemployment rate among youth in Kenya. According to government data, over 60% of Kenyans aged 15-24 are unemployed. The launch of Safaricom online jobs for students aims to provide employment opportunities for young people and help reduce the country’s high unemployment rate.

To date, the platform has helped over 500,000 students find employment opportunities. It is estimated that over 70% of users have found employment through the platform within 6 months of signing up. The average monthly salary earned by users is KES 10,000 (roughly $100).

If you are a student looking for a job, or an employer looking to hire talented young people, then be sure to check out Safaricom online jobs for students!

Online Typing Jobs for Students in Kenya

There are many online typing jobs for students in Kenya. These jobs can be a great way to earn some extra money while you are studying. There are many different types of online typing jobs available, so you should be able to find one that suits your skills and interests.

One type of online typing job is data entry. This involves entering data into a computer system. Data entry jobs can be found on many different websites.

You will need to have good keyboard skills and be able to follow instructions carefully. Another type of online typing job is transcription. This involves transcribing audio files into text format.

Transcription jobs usually require you to have good listening skills and be able to type quickly and accurately. If you have good writing skills, there are also many online typing jobs available that involve writing articles or blog posts. These types of jobs can be found on freelance websites such as Upwork or Fiverr.

You will need to submit a writing sample when applying for these types of positions.

Kenya Online Jobs for Students


How Can I Work Online And Get Paid in Kenya?

There are a number of ways to work online and get paid in Kenya. The most popular way is to find online jobs through freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. There are also a number of online platforms that connect businesses with remote workers, such as and We Work Remotely.

To increase your chances of getting hired for an online job, it’s important to have a strong profile on these freelancing websites that showcases your skills and experience. You should also be proactive in applying for jobs that match your skillset, and be willing to negotiate on price if necessary. Another option for working online and getting paid in Kenya is to start your own online business.

This could involve selling products or services through an ecommerce website or blog, or providing consulting services to clients via Skype or email. If you have some entrepreneurial flair and are willing to put in the hard work, this could be a great way to earn an income from home. Whatever route you decide to take, there are plenty of opportunities for working online and getting paid in Kenya.

With a little effort and some research, you should be able to find something that suits your skillset and lifestyle.

Which Online Job is Best for Students?

There are many online jobs that are perfect for students. Here are a few of the best: 1. Online Tutoring: Online tutoring is a great way to make some extra money while helping others learn.

There are many websites that connect students with tutors, so you can choose which subjects you’re comfortable teaching. 2. Freelance Writing: If you have a knack for writing, you can start earning money by writing articles for blogs or websites. There are many different types of writing gigs available, so you can find something that interests you.

3. Social Media Management: Do you love spending time on social media? You can get paid to help businesses manage their social media accounts. This involves creating posts, interacting with followers, and more.

4. Data Entry: Data entry is a great option for those who want to work from home and don’t mind doing some repetitive tasks.

What Online Jobs are Available in Kenya?

There are many online jobs available in Kenya. Here are some popular ones: 1. Social media manager: As a social media manager, you will be responsible for managing and growing a company or brand’s social media presence.

This includes creating and executing content strategy, monitoring and responding to comments and messages, running social media ads, and analyzing data to improve results. 2. SEO specialist: An SEO specialist is responsible for optimizing websites for better search engine ranking. This involves doing keyword research, optimizing website content, building links, and more.

3. Content writer: A content writer creates written content for websites, blogs, articles, etc. This can include anything from writing product descriptions to creating blog posts to crafting e-mail newsletters. 4. Graphic designer: Graphic designers create visual concepts using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.

How Can I Earn Money As a Student in Kenya?

There are a few ways that students in Kenya can make some extra money. One option is to start a small business. This could be something like selling snacks or drinks on campus, starting a laundry service, or providing tutoring services.

Another option is to find part-time work at a local business. This could involve working as a sales associate, customer service representative, or data entry clerk. Finally, students can also sign up for online surveys and receive payments for their participation.


Kenya Online Jobs for Students Finding a job as a student in Kenya can be difficult, but there are a number of online jobs that can help you earn some extra money. Here are some of the best online jobs for students in Kenya:

1. Social Media Manager If you’re good at using social media, then you could become a social media manager for businesses or brands. This involves creating and managing social media accounts, posting content, and engaging with followers.

It’s a great way to earn money online while also building your portfolio and gaining experience in the marketing industry. 2. Freelance Writer If you have strong writing skills, then you could start earning money by writing articles or blog posts as a freelance writer.

There are many businesses and websites that need content, so there’s always demand for writers. You can set your own rates and work as much or as little as you want – perfect for students!

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