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Hamdard Male Products – What You Need to Know

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In the early days of civilization, people were unaware of the importance of personal hygiene and health. There was no concept of germs or viruses, and so people lived in close quarters with their animals, often sharing the same bedding and eating utensils. This changed when the Black Death struck Europe in the 14th century.

Suddenly, people were dying by the thousands and no one knew why. It wasn’t until later that scientists discovered that it was a disease carried by rats that had been infected with fleas carrying the bacterium Yersinia pestis.”

Since then, we have learned a lot about how to prevent diseases from spreading and how to keep our bodies clean and healthy. One of the most important things we can do is to practice good personal hygiene habits. This includes washing our hands regularly, brushing our teeth twice a day, and wearing clean clothes.

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There are many products available in the market that promise to improve sexual performance and address various sexual problems in men. However, not all of these products are effective and safe. Some of them may even cause more harm than good.

One product that has been gaining popularity among men is Hamdard Male Products. This brand offers a range of products that are claimed to be effective in addressing various sexual problems in men. Some of the most popular products from Hamdard Male Products include Majun Salab, Safi, Sargol Khas, and Jawaher Khas.

These products are said to be made from natural ingredients and are therefore safe for use. Majun Salab is a herbal remedy that is claimed to be effective in treating impotence and premature ejaculation. Safi is an ayurvedic product that is said to be helpful in increasing libido and improving sexual stamina.

Sargol Khas is an Arabic herbal remedy that is claimed to improve erectile function and increase libido. Jawaher Khas is a Persian herb that is said to improve sexual desire and performance. All of these products from Hamdard Male Products are said to be safe for use and have no side effects.

They can be used by men of all ages and do not require a prescription from a doctor.

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hamdard dynamol ke fayde | increase men Power and penis size

Is Hamdard a Pakistani Brand?

Yes, Hamdard is a Pakistani brand. It was founded in 1906 by Hakim Mohammed Said, and it is currently owned by the Saeed Foundation. The company produces a wide range of herbal and Ayurvedic products, including medicines, cosmetics, and food supplements.

Is Hamdard Indian Brand?

Yes, Hamdard is an Indian brand. It was founded in 1906 by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed and is based in New Delhi. The company produces a wide range of health care and herbal products, including medicines, food supplements, and cosmetics.

Hamdard’s best-known product is its flagship medicine, “Hajmola”.

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What is the Use of Hamdard?

Hamdard is a Unani medicine company which was founded by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed in 1906. The company manufactures and sells over 600 different products, including medicines, health supplements, cosmetics, and food items. Hamdard’s products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

The word “hamdard” is derived from the Arabic phrase meaning “sympathy for all”. This philosophy is reflected in the company’s mission statement, which states that their goal is to “relieve humanity of its sufferings”. One of Hamdard’s most popular products is their line of herbal medicines.

These medicines are based on the principles of Unani medicine, which is a traditional system of medicine practiced in South Asia. Unani medicine emphasizes the use of natural ingredients to promote healing. Hamdard’s herbal medicines are used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including colds and flu, digestive problems, skin disorders, and pain relief.

The company also manufactures a line of cosmetics and health supplements. If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional medicine, Hamdard may be worth checking out. Their products are safe and effective, and they have a long history of helping people improve their health and well-being.

Which Majun is Best?

There are many different types of majun and it can be difficult to determine which one is best. It really depends on your specific needs and goals. Some majun are designed for general health and well-being, while others are geared more towards specific conditions like joint pain or digestive issues.

If you’re looking for a general all-purpose majun, then the classic Arabian recipe is a good option. This traditional blend contains over 20 different herbs and spices, all of which have their own unique benefits. For example, ginger is known to aid digestion while cardamom can help improve circulation.

If you’re specifically interested in treating joint pain, then an Ayurvedic majun containing turmeric may be a better choice. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can help reduce swelling and pain in the joints. Other effective ingredients for this purpose include boswellia and ginger.

Ultimately, there is no single “best” majun since it ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, by doing some research you should be able to find a formula that meets your requirements and provides the desired results.

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Hamdard Male Products

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Hamdard Medicine for Male Organ

Hamdard is a well-known brand of herbal medicine that offers a variety of products for male sexual health. The company’s flagship product is Hamdard Majun, which is an Ayurvedic tonic designed to improve overall sexual health and function in men. Hamdard also offers other products for male sexual health, including capsules, tablets, ointments, and creams.

Hamdard Viagra

Viagra is a prescription medication used to treat erectile dysfunction and certain other medical conditions. It belongs to a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE5 inhibitors). Viagra is taken by mouth as needed, typically 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual activity.

You should not take Viagra more than once a day. Some common side effects of Viagra include headaches, flushing, upset stomach, and irregular heartbeat. Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan is a leading producer of herbal medicines and natural health products.

The company was established in 1948 by Hakim Mohammed Said, a renowned scholar of Eastern medicine. Hamdard’s flagship product is Rooh Afza, an herbal syrup used to flavor drinks and desserts. Other popular products include Majoon Ustukhuddus and Sualin lozenges for colds and flu.

Hamdard Product for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual disorder that affects men of all ages. While the cause of ED can vary, it often occurs as a result of an underlying health condition or psychological issue. Hamdard Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of herbal medicines and supplements in India.

The company offers a wide range of products for treating various health conditions, including erectile dysfunction. The main ingredient in Hamdard’s product for ED is safed musli (Chlorophytum borivillianum). This herb has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries to treat sexual disorders and other health problems.

Safed musli is known to improve sexual function by increasing libido, improving erectile quality, and reducing premature ejaculation. In addition to safed musli, Hamdard’s product for ED contains other ingredients that are traditionally used to treat this condition, such as ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), shilajit (Asphaltum punjabium), and gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). These herbs work together to improve blood circulation, boost energy levels, and promote overall sexual health.

Hamdard Products List

There are many different Hamdard products available on the market today. Here is a list of some of the most popular products: 1. Hamdard Rooh Afza: This product is used as a cooling syrup and it is made with rose, lemon, and other ingredients.

2. Hamdard Safi: This is an herbal blood purifier that helps to detoxify the blood and improve complexion. 3. Hamdard Majun Falasfa: This is an effective asthma treatment that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. 4. Hamdard Joshanda: This herbal tea is used to treat colds, flu, and coughs.

It contains ginger, cardamom, cloves, and other ingredients.

Hamdard Products List Pdf

We all know that Hamdard is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to Ayurvedic and Unani medicines. The company has been in existence for over a hundred years and has built up a solid reputation for providing quality products.Now, if you are looking for a comprehensive list of all the products that Hamdard has to offer, then you can simply download the Hamdard Products List PDF from their official website. This PDF contains detailed information about each and every product offered by the company, along with their respective prices.So, whether you are looking for an herbal medicine for some ailment or want to try out some of their beauty products, this PDF will come in handy.

Do take some time out to go through it so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing anything from Hamdard.

Hamdard Medicine Price List

The Hamdard Medicine Price List provides detailed information on the prices of all the medicines offered by the company. The prices are very reasonable and the quality of the medicines is excellent. The list is updated regularly so that customers can get the latest information on the prices of medicines.

Hamdard Pakistan Products List

Hamdard Pakistan is a leading manufacturer of herbal and natural products. The company was established in Karachi, Pakistan in 1949 by Hakim Mohammed Said. Hamdard Pakistan offers a wide range of products for the treatment of various ailments and conditions.

The most popular product from Hamdard Pakistan is the Rooh Afza syrup. This syrup is made from a blend of herbs and spices, and is used to treat a variety of illnesses such as colds, flu, diarrhea, and indigestion. Other popular products from Hamdard Pakistan include the Sualin lozenges for sore throat relief, Jund Balsam for joint pain relief, and the Jawarish Kamooni digestive tonic.

If you are looking for safe and effective herbal remedies, then look no further than Hamdard Pakistan. With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing quality herbal products, Hamdard Pakistan is your trusted source for all your health needs.

Hamdard Dawakhana

Hamdard Dawakhana is one of the leading manufacturers of herbal and ayurvedic products in India. The company was founded in 1906 by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed, a renowned physician and pharmacist. Hamdard Dawakhana has its headquarters in New Delhi and operates through a network of branches across the country.

The company’s product range includes over 500 formulations which are used for the treatment of various ailments such as indigestion, cold, cough, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, skin disorders etc. Hamdard Dawakhana has always been at the forefront of research and development of new herbal formulations. The company has an extensive R&D setup which is engaged in constantly improving existing formulations and developing new ones.

Hamdard Dawakhana has also been involved in clinical trials to establish the efficacy and safety of its products. The products manufactured by Hamdard Dawakhana are available throughout India through a wide network of retailers and distributors. They are also exported to several countries around the world.


Looking for a way to improve your bedroom performance? Hamdard has you covered with their line of male enhancement products. From supplements to delay sprays, they have everything you need to take your game to the next level.

With natural ingredients and a money-back satisfaction guarantee, there’s nothing stopping you from giving Hamdard a try.

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